Parent Site:

Benefits of the Parent Site:

  • Differentiated enrichment and instruction for all children using the system
  • Sites that are child-friendly and have been evaluated by educational experts
  • Comprehensive profiles of each child’s interests, learning styles and product preferences
  • Independent study and project activities for children to complete at home
  • Creativity training activities to download
  • Problem solving activities to download
  • Search engines to find outstanding websites to enhance instruction
  • Ability to assign differentiated assignments to your children, regardless of instructional level

Child Site:

Benefits of the Child Site:

  • Accurate, easy to understand student profile of interests and learning styles
  • Personalized series of enrichment activities based on students’ profile
  • Hundreds of interest-based materials to challenge and engage students
  • Opportunities to engage in research and independent study
  • Exciting on-line virtual field trips
  • Challenging critical thinking activities
  • Creative thinking and problem solving opportunities
  • Differentiated projects
  • Personalized selection of books and activities
  • Independent research opportunities to download

Engagement and enthusiasm for learning