Every child has unique talents and strengths that can be cultivated.

Renzulli Learning is an interactive online teaching system that provides a personalized learning environment for children and leads to higher academic performance. The goal of Renzulli Learning is to increase a child’s engagement in learning by focusing on their strengths. Increased engagement leads directly to higher achievement. Renzulli Learning will empower your children as they direct their own learning, leading to increased self-efficacy and increased self-confidence.

The Renzulli Learning Home Edition is now available to families and applies the same research based gifted and talented teaching pedagogy to personalized instruction that has been used by millions of students and more than 100,000 teachers in schools across the globe.

The Renzulli Learning Home Edition enables parents to easily provide interest and strength based learning activities for their children. Watch your child blossom with a love of learning with Renzulli Learning!*

*Please note: Renzulli Learning is a global system, which is designed to support personalized learning in any language. The current system is primary English Language and most of the activity content is in English. If you subscribe, please keep this in mind.

Renzulli Learning can be an excellent complement to learning English and can provide your child with the opportunity to collaborate with Native English speaking children. We are in the process of translating the system to multiple languages and are adding are additional content to support learning across the globe in the upcoming Academic Year.

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