The Renzulli Profiler

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The Renzulli Profiler

The unique, online Renzulli student profiler provides an accurate, comprehensive analysis of an individual student’s academic strength. The Profile allows educators to easily differentiate and personalize the academic experience by leveraging student interest, learning and expression. Students and teachers receive an individualized Profile like Brian’s and Peter’s Profiles.

The Renzulli Profiler is available in multiple languages for all students.  The Profiler allows teachers to guide instructional strategies and classroom management based on a deep understanding of their students’ needs. It gives teachers a rich understanding of the motivational make-up and academic strengths of each one of their students.

In the online assessment, questions indentify student’s top three in each of the following:

  • Learning Styles
  • Expression Styles
  • Interest Areas

Within minutes of completing the Renzulli Profiler, students are guided through learning activities matched to his or her personal profile, helping teachers more efficiently differentiate learning for all students. Teachers can search the database by unit topic, standards, student learning profile, grade, and ability level. Once the teacher identifies the perfect resource, it can be pushed to students’ portfolios in seconds.

“Renzulli Learning is the most original and practical resource for classroom differentiation I have seen.  The student profiles and a wealth of material in the system make it much easier to challenge students in any curricular area.”

– Sandra N. Kaplan, University of Southern California