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The Renzulli Learning System (RLS) is an interactive online teaching and learning tool that provides a personalized learning environment for students. The RLS has been used by millions of students and more than 100,000 teachers in schools across the globe. Renzulli Home Edition allows students to take the Renzulli Profiler and matches the student’s interests, expression styles and learning styles with a vast array of educational activities and resources.

The Renzulli Learning applies gifted and talented teaching pedagogy to school-wide enrichment for overall school improvement. Renzulli Learning Home Edition enables parents to easily differentiate instruction and leverage children motivation to achieve enhanced academic performance for all students in their classroom.

By using modern technology, the RLS quickly identifies student academic strength areas, interests, learning styles and preferred modes of expression, and then matches each student with a vast array of educational activities and resources. Children explore, discover, learn and create using the most current technology resources independently and in a safe environment.

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